Rooms & Cottage

Our rooms & cottage range from ZAR950 per room.  

Simon vd Stel

Room with windows on both sides for a view of pool patio and front garden with signature oak trees ...


Herman v Brakel

Spacious room with private entrance onto patio ...


Jan Wissemaar

Extra spacious, airy room tucked under the eaves with large windows looking over rear pool patio area and front garden and oak trees ...


Adam Tas

Gorgeous cottage with separate sitting area and kitchenette.  Ideal for longer stays and small families ...


About us

Unwind in our elegantly furnished rooms, with a tranquil scenic style of our beautiful Old Cape Dutch home. Sleep soundly in our big, comfortable beds and wake to a delicious breakfast.

Contact Us

Annandale Road
South Africa

Tel: +27 21 881 3653
Cel.: +27 82 659 0596